20 More Reasons to See a PT


Yesterday to help commemorate National PT month I listed 20 reasons to see a physical therapist. There are so many, I couldn’t fit them all in. So, here are 20 more.

  1. Your doctor told you should stop running because you will wreck your knees.
  2. Your MRI or Xrays show you have degeneration or arthritis in your joints and you are not sure what to do, but know you don’t want surgery.
  3. You are having problems with dizziness.
  4. You own a small business, and your workers are getting hurt and you want to make it safer and keep your costs down.
  5. You are a physician, and your patients with persisting pain need guidance and you aren’t sure what to tell them.
  6. When every morning you wake up and get that ice pick feeling in your heel and it keeps happening.
  7. You are getting pain in your elbows when you play golf or tennis.
  8. You keep having back or neck pain, even though you are getting massages every week.
  9. When you come out of the hospital, and you need someone to come to your house for a bit to help you be able to get out of your house.
  10. When you want to be treated as a whole person, and not as a body part that is broken.
  11. You want to be more comfortable and productive when you are working long days in your office.
  12. Your child is not meeting their developmental milestones.
  13. You want to get back to the gym, but you aren’t sure what’s safe after having an injury or pain.
  14. You want your daughter to go through an ACL injury prevention program before soccer/basketball/volleyball start.
  15. You want to learn about your condition and be able to manage it as much as you can yourself.
  16. You want to get the most out of that surgery you did and get back at it as soon as possible.
  17. You keep waking up in the middle of the night with back pain.
  18. You are fearful of going places or doing things, because it might be too much.
  19. You want an affordable, non-invasive, low risk way to deal with your pain or injury.
  20. You want to live your best life.

There are so many things a PT can help you with. If you have questions about an issue or can think of other ways a PT has helped you drop a note in the comments or ascent-pt.com.



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