20 Reasons To See A PT




Its fall again here in the mountains. And that means one thing. October is National Physical Therapy Month. Most people have heard of PT’s, but many people think PT is just for rehabbing after surgery. Over the next couple of days I will highlight some of the varied things that PT’s can do or help with. Most of these situations we have worked with recently in our clinic. So maybe you will see something you have that you didn’t know a PT could help with.

20 Things That PT Can Help With.

  1. You broke your leg, had surgery, and now need help getting back to your occupational and recreational activities.
  2. You hurt your back lifting things at work, and can’t do your job properly without pain.
  3. You began training for a marathon, and now your knee is bothering you when you run, but you want to figure out a way to keep your training up.
  4. When you began mountain biking this spring, your neck was hurting when you did longer rides, and you wanted to figure out how to bike with less pain.
  5. You have had persistent back pain, and gone through a number of procedures like injections and surgery, and it hasn’t relieved your pain, and the doctors have told you there is nothing more to be done. You just want to figure out what to do next.
  6. Your knees have begun hurting when you are hiking more, and you aren’t ready to have surgery.
  7. After a couple of sprained ankles, you realize you are having difficulty getting back to high level sports because it hurts.
  8. You are getting ready for ski season, and when you began a program with your trainer your back and hips were bothering you, and you aren’t sure what to do.
  9. Your balance has deteriorated in the last couple of years, and you aren’t as comfortable hiking like you used to.
  10. You or an older relative are beginning to lose their balance or even trip and fall while doing normal daily activities.
  11. You or an older relative can’t play with the kids/grandkids because they don’t feel comfortable getting up and down from the floor.
  12. You stop traveling because you are worried that sitting in a car or airplane will be too uncomfortable.
  13. You or your wife is pregnant or just had a baby and is having difficulty managing because of back or pelvic pain.
  14. Ski season is coming up, and you don’t want to have that knee pain that you had last year.
  15. You or a loved one has a progressive neurological disorder like Parkinson’s or Multiple Sclerosis and you need help navigating your new physical reality so you can stay as active as possible and do the things you love.
  16. Your high school athlete child keeps getting hip, knee, or leg pain with sports and it is limiting their ability to play.
  17. Its hard to sleep at night, because whenever you end up on that shoulder it hurts and wakes you up.
  18. You stop going out with friends or family or doing other activities you love because you are unsure how your body is going to react and you don’t want to be in bed for days.
  19. You aren’t sure what to do to lose weight just get I better shape.
  20. You don’t like the amount of medications you are taking to help with pain,  but aren’t getting any other advice.

You can see that PT’s can help in many situations. PT is conservative, non-invasive, and non-pharmacological. Our goal is to help you help yourself to get back to what you love and enjoy. If you have any questions about PT drop us a message here or email keith@ascent-pt.com

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